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Aerodynamics and Propulsion Laboratory

Aerodynamics and Propulsion Laboratory

Structure and Control Laboratory

Fluid Dynamics Research Group

Kouji NAGATA, Professor
Koichi MORI, Associate Professor (ⅰ) Acoustics (Aircraft noise)
(ⅱ) Dynamics of unsteady shock-wave (Blast wave and Laser-driven detonation wave; Theory, simulation, experiment)
(ⅲ) Windtunnel Experiments

Shock Wave and Space Propulsion Group

Akihiro SASO, Professor (ⅰ) "Laser propulsion": Application of laser power to space propulsion and de-orbiting space debris
(ⅱ) "Pulling propulsion": Reduction of aerodynamic drag by repetitively generating pulse plasmas
(ⅲ) "Electric propulsion": Deep space propulsion by electromagnetic plasma acceleration
(ⅳ) "Sonic boom": collaboration with JAXA to realize commercial supersonic transportation
(ⅴ) "Shock wave: Basic research about unsteady fluid dynamics and flow instabilities
(ⅵ) "Supersonic Flow": Flow in diffuser and nozzle of air-breathing and/or rocket engine.

Propulsion Energy System Engineering Group

Jiro KASAHARA, Professor

Main Subjects

Advanced Lectures on Structural Dynamics, Theory of Light Weight Structure, Robust control theory, Fundamentals of Aerospace Vehicles, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Chemical Kinetics and Dynamics o Gas Reactions, Advanced Lectures on Supersonic propulsion Systems, Hypersonic physical gasdynamics, Turbulent Premixed Combustion, Seminars (in each individual research groups)

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