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Structure and Control Laboratory

Aerodynamic and Propulsion Laboratory

Structure and Control Laboratory

Structural Mechanics

Masahiro ARAI, Professor
Tadashige IKEDA, Associate Professor (ⅰ)Composite materials and structures. For example, (a) Multi-functional composites using smart materials (see(ii)), (b) processing and characterization of the composites
(ⅱ) Smart materials and structural systems: materials and structural systems with functions of sensors, actuators, and processors. For example, (a) Basic material tests and constitutive models of smart materials such as shape memory alloys and ferroelectric materials whose characteristics and shape change by electrical, magnetic, and thermal stimulation. (b) Passive and active control systems of vibration, sound, and shape using the smart materials. (c) Aircraft noise and drag reduction based on the smart structures
(ⅲ) Fluid-induced vibration: deformation and self-excited oscillation due to interaction between elastic deformation of a structure and force induced by a flow including separation, transition, and reattachment. For example, (a) fluid-induced vibration of aerospace vehicles and its control

Control System Engineering Group

Susumu HARA, Professor
Daisuke TSUBAKINO, Associate Professor

Aerospace Vehicle Dynamics Research Group
(Aerospace Micro Engineering Group in addition Department of Micro・nano System Engineering)

Takaya INAMORI, Associate Professor

Environmental Thermal Fluid System Laboratory
(Eco Topia Science Institute, Division of Energy Science)

Tatsuya HASEGAWA, Professor Energy technologies for sustainable society based on thermo-fluid dynamics
(ⅰ)Biomass combustion, conversion to gaseous and liquid fuels and environmental-economical evaluation of biomass energy system
(ⅱ)Highly efficient heat-pump system using environmentally benign refrigerant, simulation of heat-pump cycle
(ⅲ)Laser welding and monitoring of thermoplastic resins
(ⅳ)Numerical simulation of fluid flow, heat and mass transfer and combustion

Graduate School of Information Science, Department of Information Engineering

Main subjects

Advanced Lectures on Structural Dynamics, Theory of Light Weight Structure, Robust control theory, Fundamentals of Aerospace Vehicles, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Chemical Kinetics and Dynamics o Gas Reactions, Advanced Lectures on Supersonic propulsion Systems, Hypersonic physical gasdynamics, Turbulent Premixed Combustion, Seminars (in each individual research groups)

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