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Aiming to make the dreams of humanity come true

Aerospace Engineering was born to realize the dream of wanting to fly in the sky freely like a bird. One hundred years has passed since aircraft was invented. People use airplanes as the preferred way of going far distances nowadays. In addition to aircraft, the field of aerospace engineering has led to the development of new principle transportations such as hydrofoils, hovercrafts, high speed hover trains.
Aerospace engineering is rapidly expanding into the area of cosmic space. With today's technology, we can now recognize changes in the weather at any time and gather information using integrated worldwide telecommunication networks. This allows us to broadcast weather information around the world without disruptions from any satellites orbiting the earth. Moreover, the construction of a space station has begun. The second stage of space technology development has started. This technology includes plants to synthesize new materials and medicines using space environments such as microgravity and ultrahigh vacuums which are environments that are not able to be simulated on earth. As a result of this research, it is possible that life on the moon or Mars could be started sometime this century.

Frontier interdisciplinary engineering for unexploited technology

The Department of Aerospace Engineering aims at fostering the development of engineers and researchers who have leadership, advanced creativity, comprehensive abilities, and a global perspective on engineering challenges.
Our department consists of two major laboratories for studying "Aerodynamics and Propulsion" and "Structure and Control". We focus our research efforts on new technological developments of aircraft, rockets, and satellites based on fluid dynamics, propulsion energy system engineering, ionized gas dynamics, structural mechanics, aerospace vehicle dynamics, and control systems engineering.

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